This Gilbert duo's idea is slick: A barrier to keep scorpions out, now on 'Shark Tank'

Kye Graves
Arizona Republic
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In this Aug. 18, 2019 photo, scorpions wander in a tank after being captured in Lost Dutchman State Park. Feared, admired and loathed, scorpions have roamed the earth for 450 million years. An interesting way to learn about the critters, which glow under black lights, is to go on scorpion hunts in Southwest states like Arizona and New Mexico. Wear closed-toed shoes and pants, bring black lights and prepare to be awed.

A pair of Gilbert dads will face the Sharks on Friday night's episode of "Shark Tank" as the two pitch their invention to keep scorpions and some other pests out of homes.

It's called Slick Barrier, and for co-founders Tony and Aaron Gonzales, it's proved as a vital way to help keep their families safe from the poisonous arachnids and other creepy crawlies.

"We tried traditional pest control methods, but we could not keep the pests from entering," Aaron Gonzales said on the company's website. "I got stung by a scorpion and my wife and I were concerned about the safety of our 3-year-old son, to the point where we considered selling our dream home."

A scorpion did sting Tony's son.

"My 4-year-old son was stung by a scorpion inside our home and almost died. His throat started to close, and he could not breathe. We needed a product that was easy to use," Tony Gonzales said.

Tony figured that a clear coating solution may work and Aaron knew most pests were incapable of climbing smooth surfaces, so, the two got to work.

"We figured a clear coating would do the trick. We hired a chemist to help us come up with a formulation. And after many, many tries we finally developed a coating that worked on rodents and insects," Tony Gonzales said.

It works as a "glass-like surface," a kind of slippery film coating that makes it harder for pests to gain their footing and climb up your walls and into your home.

The installation process requires customers to double-coat the base of their homes in the solution and allow it time to dry before applying the topcoat.

Now, with "Shark Tank" well into its 14th season, consumers will be able to see how well Slick Barrier handles Sharks.

Slick Barrier will be featured in episode 13 of "Shark Tank" on Friday, Jan. 27, at 7 p.m. on ABC 15.

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