The Gaggle: Arizonans setting the tone for a split Congress

Amanda Luberto
Arizona Republic
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A joke that is so overused it's not even funny anymore: Congress can't get anything done.

But with a new split Congress, the joke might be reality, and Arizona鈥檚 congressional delegation is helping set the tone.聽

Republican Rep. Andy Biggs helped lead a rebellious faction within the GOP in a fight over the House speakership that forced days of drama over that normally routine matter.聽Republican Paul Gosar is among those who have clamored for aggressive investigation of the Biden administration.聽

Biggs balks at Biden:Rep. Andy Biggs accuses Biden administration of vilifying unvaccinated people

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema鈥檚 defection from the Democratic Party gives the Senate a new operating dynamic as well.

As Capitol Hill adjusts to a new normal, important issues like the debt ceiling and border security hang over the nation鈥檚 unresolved policy agenda.

This week on The Gaggle, a podcast by The Arizona Republic and聽, host聽Ron Hansen聽is joined by two political experts, Wendy Schiller of Brown University and Norman Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute, to dissect what to expect from Congress this session.

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